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Disappointed with other natural products? Still hoping for a truly natural but effective option?

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Make Friends with Your Cravings

Cravings are intelligent. It’s how your body says it needs something. Don’t fight your body. Nourish it.

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Most of us need a little support to reach and maintain our weight management goals. Suppressatite provides tangible effects—naturally and without stimulants.*

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Support healthy weight management and a normal, balanced appetite.*

There are countless biochemical and lifestyle-related reasons for weight management challenges. Suppressatite honors your unique needs. Rather than relying on a single ingredient, Suppressatite supplies 7 powerful non-stimulant botanicals, minerals, and antioxidants, including a patent-pending Green Coffee Bean (GCB) extract. Our GCB70™ provides 70% chlorogenic acids—far superior to other GCB sources. We paired GCB70™ with select herbs and minerals to gently influence multiple body systems. The novel formula provides dynamic effects, not only to promote a balanced appetite, but also to support healthy metabolism and mood. Only Suppressatite provides this intelligent Whole Person formulation!*