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Multiple Ingredients for Multiple Body Systems

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Empower the Whole Person: Multiple Ingredients for Multiple Body Systems

Whether you’re making lifestyle choices or supplement choices, you’re not quick to choose “magic bullet” approaches. We agree. Healthy weight management is influenced by several systems in the body—it seems obvious that no single ingredient would work for everyone. That’s why Suppressatite provides not 1, but 7 powerful non-stimulant ingredients that interact with diverse body systems. Suppressatite recognizes that every human body is unique.

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We’ve chosen a patent-pending non-stimulant Green Coffee Bean (GCB) extract and paired it with select Ayurvedic botanicals, minerals and antioxidants. GCB70™ promotes a balanced appetite with 70% chlorogenic acids—higher than any other GCB on the market today. Additional adaptogenic botanicals and core nutrients provide steady effects to promote healthy metabolism and balanced mood and help maintain healthy blood glucose levels already in the normal range.*

Suppressatite’s ingredients provide dramatic Whole Person Effects.* 

The blend promotes:


Don’t Fight Your Body, Equip It

Our formulation works with your body’s innate needs. We don’t believe you should feel like you’re fighting your body when setting your weight management goals. Instead equip your body with the nutrients it needs; adaptogenic botanicals (LINK TO: INGREDIENT LISTS) that can bring it into balance, and gentle support for balanced metabolic function and appetite. When you combine Suppressatite with healthy diet and exercise, you have the foundation you need to reach your goals!*

 At Suppressatite, we believe in transparency. You may review our complete ingredient lists for our Women’s and Men’s Formulas under Product Info. Both formulas provide our trusted GCB70™ along with select Ayurvedic botanicals and nutrients. The Women’s Formula also includes genistein to promote optimal hormonal balance and bone health, plus antioxidant resveratrol. The Men’s Formula provides capsaicinoids for additional thermogenic support, plus antioxidant zinc gluconate.*

About Our Parent Company

Suppressatite is produced by Transform Body Nutrition, based in Piscataway, New Jersey. Our goal is to provide products that enhance human quality of life and help people reach their personal health goals. All Suppressatite ingredients are sourced from a GMP (Good Manufacturing Practice) and NSF (National Safety Foundation) certified raw ingredient supplier.  Our manufacturing partners have an established history of high safety and quality standards, as well as affiliation with the Natural Products Association.

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